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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EST

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hundreds of protesters are arrested in america as authorities suppress fresh occupy wall street demonstrations on the two month anniversary of the movement's founding . singing from the same song sheet the leaders of russia but a recent because it stone are meeting in moscow to discuss the creation of a new duration but the models and the european union. britain has reportedly been indorsed to lead a campaign against syria's president assad only diplomatic at this stage russia has son of their loved very elite to repeat the balance in libya. and in business russia is one of the biggest internet markets in europe but when it comes to cashing in investors are still wary of the country find out why in business.
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broadcasting live from moscow this is our team welcome to the program four hundred arrests that's the tally so far off and last twenty four hours since the stage an intense crackdown on occupy wall street protests erupting in america the latest demonstrations spanning the entire country and with the movement marks its two month anniversary and more than thirty thousand protesters in new york alone day has become a testament to the staying power of the occupy wall street. movement is however facing a synchronized clampdown by local governments going for some agencies across from the company offerings this latest one the big apple. we're standing on the brooklyn bridge in new york city where the occupy wall street protesters are marching on
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this is the final and the biggest around of activities that have taken place on november seventeenth now again november seventh looking to be a true month anniversary of the occupy wall street movement that began right here in new york on september seventeenth what began as a small occupation of a small park near wall street had turned into a nationwide movement that has spread to countries all across the world from toronto to tokyo cities all across the globe but the greatest and the message that these protesters are putting out which is the frustration of what remains of the control of the political system they perceive by the few corporate leads by those with the means the wealth and the inability for the average american to essentially put food on the table to live in the class lifestyle jesus loves the man from the frustrations that the protesters here have expressed and it is look we're seeing spreading across the country now the events in new york city have been hands filled with extreme tension many of these officers and the protesters following the lead
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that took place not only in new york city's water from the country and many of the occupations from old planes to denver to portland to all kinds of other cities but we saw this it in new york city in the morning was a callous protesters hundreds in fact take to the streets near wall street in an attempt to disrupt this is there to disrupt the operation of the financial sector and they certainly succeeded in doing so hundreds of protesters sat in different corners blocked off intersections linked arms to form human chains to get their message heard to get themselves noticed they were met with an extremely intense police response we witnessed many arrests in fact a two hundred or so protesters have been arrested although we expect the numbers will be much higher once all the information comes to bear we have seen unfortunately a lot of in. this is a seemingly unprovoked the taliban are the police force in many cases the
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protestors were simply sitting perhaps standing in an area that's a little bit too close to the sidewalk they were met with brute force by the police department many of them slammed down onto the ground and constant physically dragged away the occupy wall street movement was really rough into the spotlight following the mass arrests there were witnesses on this very bridge the brooklyn bridge several weeks ago where seven hundred protesters were handled by policemen and arrested and now for the most part whether or not their message will actually result in policy changes remains to be seen but they're certainly being heard by the press by the residents and by the samaritans all across the united states reporting for our seat on the brooklyn bridge i'm to speak up and. keeping abreast of the latest developments over the street protests and the police response to them where you can check out the twitter feed up to date information she's posted video footage showing of protests of his face covered in blood after reportedly being
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struck with. the much involves hundreds of demonstrators park the epicenter of movement. across the whole country protesters gathered to show solidarity with the occupy cause some two dozen people arrested in the center of this seven hundred gathered around symbolic tents a key red intersection. went to see the police response firsthand. right now more than it was it for you on the streets of los angeles is the financial district we can hear the chants of occupy us say that from the east coast to here in los angeles we have seen signs of these demonstrations in solidarity with the occupy wall street and here the great symbolism people. are asking for the chance of homelessness lasting for student debt forgiveness all of this to show support for those who have been arrested at occupy the stations throughout the country.
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now here the occupy movement along with several worker unions have shut down streets of downtown los angeles right next to the financial institutions which many say are to blame for the economic crisis that we're in right now if you look behind me now there are dozens and dozens of police officers ready to take people into custody some of them in right here there are lines in lines of police cars including a bus ready to take any sort of demonstrator into custody now the presence here among the protesters has been very heavy a judge down several streets downtown los angeles the financial district many parts
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of it i've come to a standstill now right now there are several people practicing civil disobedience sit down protests and just ready to get arrested in support of the cause in year two dozen people were arrested in los angeles on this international day of action but despite your arrests occupy l.a. and the movement are not deterred los angeles. archie. but it's not only new york and l.a. where the protests have taken root in fact they've strung up nationwide videos from other cities head to our website party dot com. under different pretenses authorities are kicking protesters out of their occupy locations you know public areas but one of the interesting parts of it today at least what the occupy d.c. movement has been the police presence there have been dozens many officers as protesters they've been parked at every corner they have walked away from
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protesters and if you take a look here in the potomac river there they are there waiting. right now we're closely following the growth of the protests in washington d.c. and philadelphia but he's going to just you can and christine for loading the latest footage and comments from the very spots where events are taking place. but there are splits for the paiva senior correspondent for the independent media routes news organization he believes the police are purposefully going beyond the call of duty to nip this in the but really what we're seeing here is. really the occupy wall street movement that only tried to be protesters with the shock and. tried to defend fire and so now they're trying to find different prepared i think in the united states will. also do a few you know the process of really learn
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a lesson about nonviolent direct action and it's really very effective and the port of oakland shut down it's really sent a message to the political establishment that you know people are really seeing the two parties because. they're really fed up with it and they're just not going to stand for it anymore so that's what we're seeing. i mean are all of the mood is much the same as a new wave of unrest tears through europe tens of thousands spilled into the streets of spain italy and greece that's public and with incessant cuts and tax hikes comes to a head. the affects of stratego future generations. while europe strains under its debt burden russia is hoping its plan for a new economic but even tweet form of nations could be a welcome counterweight to the global financial crisis president in his russian counterparts in moscow to discuss the terms of further integration and he said no
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way as a. today will be the signing of the eurasian economic union a new union which is meant to promote further cooperation with the asia pacific region and also to protect them from the spreading economic crisis that we're seeing across europe at the moment it's meant to create a new market with unified legislation three capital flows services and human resources experts go as far as to say that this is the only way for the three countries to protect themselves from that crisis taking over your. eurasian union to become a corridor of products services and workforce between europe and america under asia the union is europe's only way to survive the chaos and the current fiscal crisis how do you know how the migrations to the system similar to that of the european change again agreement is expected to reduce customs terrace and unify trading standards that's expected to encourage businesses to invest in modernization and
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it's greatly expected to boost competition i don't think we need to speak of russia extracting labor force from. i think this is about free movement of labor all professions now this is meant to be a sort of engine i think you could say for further cooperation within the post soviet region it's expected that countries like ukraine could join in the future that's a possibility of course frank devastated by the global financial crisis in fact some experts told us that if you knew like this exist in the past countries like ukraine would be in a very different position financially today. like to bring this most important project to life because in two thousand and four deucalion parliament the rada confirmed the plan that was troublesome and united a comic for was realized back then i'm sure that my conscience would have gone through the financial crisis more easily and our economy would be in a different position today. but this union is also meant to be
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a school. operation with the european union as well as dialogue with the union the official ceremony will take place later today in the kremlin will happen out of analysis for you throughout the day also a lot of experts saying that this could in fact very much help in terms of getting out of the global financial crisis we'll be hearing different versions different aspects of how this union will in fact and protect russia belarus and kazakhstan. but it's all come on the russian that integration time we're joined live here in the studio by go well chloroform institute of world economy and international relations thank you for joining us here in the studio now this this new propose union how would russia and other states who are involved in its benefit. no integration all those benefits strong conscious will join it. with the example of the european union where strong developed nations benefit from european integration
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. contras whose economy is not so more like greece or much if you talk about integration between russia and its closest neighbors with health conscious or with approximately the same level of development rather russia definitely being the leader given to its territory population and mineral resources if it's based on the e.u. is not wise when you look at the problems that the e.u. is. not you know if you talk if you look at the problems in the european union there are problems of integration self those are problems of fiscal discipline. and. management because national governments of some countries like greece and spain and italy probably have basically mismanaged their contras and they haven't got all those benefits from a larger market while france germany or have benefited large from this common
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space if you talk about russia integrating with its close neighbors to see if. you know the right if you basic reasons world will benefit russia kazakhstan belarus and maybe other countries that join this integration union future first of all you have to look at the map russia is a large territory that connects asia and europe and basically europe is of europe is a developing region very fast given treats integration momentum and also asian conscious developed very frost's or russia kazakhstan. they can become this kind of bridge between the record by developing regions asia and europe developing due to its integration moment no. you know it's this a pioneer in the here it would help overcome the world's financial difficulties are really sticky. you know so if we talk about financial difficulties we have to
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understand that united nations of the united states and european union faces a tremendous challenge in its development and of course russian our russian integrating with its closest neighbors cannot solve those problems but russia can benefit. the ability given treats geopolitical position large mineral resources and read a little galloping because russia is joining the world trade organization so how that fits in with this you know if you talk about joining the world trade organization there's much dispute here in russia about whether it will benefit russia or not because some economists some industries will definitely benefit russia has developed. industry contra's with companies. software development interest programming and so on while other industries in
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russia are pretty outdated the whole of the legacy of the soviets period and they will suffer much when russia joins the world trade organization so if we talk about russia joining or trade organization there's much deeper dispute here in russia because some industries will definitely benefit while some will not directly but there you go hochelaga thank you very much indeed for your comments here. russia has again warned foreign powers against intervening in syria's internal unrest comes after jordan reportedly asked the u.k. to take the lead in a war of words against president assad in an effort to oust him from power moscow has expressed a concern that the situation is falling too much in line with. things are today. after its pivotal role in the overthrow of moammar gadhafi britain's become the new go to guy when there's trouble in the middle east prime minister david cameron's
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been handpicked as team captain for another libya style control group aimed at forcing president bashar al assad out to begin with it will be a diplomatic offensive that russia appease it's an overreaction that could pave the way for military intervention look at the good we suggested in order to put the arab initiative in place all countries concerned with a peaceful outcome of developments in syria if you demand not only from the syrian authorities but also from the opposition to stop their violence the ongoing attacks of the government buildings in syria look like a civil war. at the moment there's no mention of military action from britain their offensive is purely verbal for now but that's exactly how the libyan intervention began and the timing is very similar to the opposition in syria is now militarized making it much easier to support and adds more weight to any international friends . that are of. very very far and
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learn the lessons of thousands and thousands. of. nato or any other incidents and then another military intervention will have even more serious consequences because of the regional threat the whole question of iraq the whole question of israel the ukase apparently been handed its leading role by king abdullah of jordan so far the only arab leader to publicly call for assad to quit but the patience of ceres other neighbors and crucial regional brokers' is now wearing thin to the arab league suspended series membership and given presents as sad until saturday to end the violence with britain already primed this could be the last ditch attempt at conventional diplomacy there in a position i would have to take some right. they've in effect they've extended the deadline the reasons that my ex-wife yesterday another difference or another three days so perhaps they're trying to offer us our side as much as possible with so you
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have an opportunity but having sort of taken gregson that they've gone this far they really are in a position where they have to have to make good on the promise that if you like otherwise the civilians about the credibility of the free syrian army has been the main driving force behind the growing opposition movement most of the pictures from the army launching their latest attack on a security base russia and china still appealing for dialogue is the way to end what they call two way violence they are desperate to avoid another libya style intervention but that chance may be fading but the wheels are already in motion for a coordinated attack it's verbal for now but when it came to libya it wasn't long before the words were backed up by weapons and bombs are the bennetts r t london. well for more on the syrian unrest and how it began you can head to our web site that's r.t. dot com here's a taste of what else is available right now alive and kicking off world war two era tank has been recovered from a river just outside st petersburg basically it's in good enough shape to make
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a parade come back once restored. in an offbeat look at the recent global headlines it's barack obama's visit to australia. you are a crisis news ati's cartoon gallery always bought a fresh perspective while you're smarter. the mood in europe is growing increasingly grim as previously mighty economies are brought to their knees mother blocks a raging debt crisis in spain where unemployment among youth has reached almost fifty percent students and teachers turn to the streets to protest against yet more education cuts across moment when political reports from madrid. but essentially business as usual all but his boyhood in seoul where thousands literally of
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students teachers professors ever present itself various trade unions have gathered together to protest what they believe to be totally unfair budget cuts not come through member that right now spain is almost next in line next to greece italy ah ireland and portugal with what comes down to the financial situation that is basically dire people here have gathered to protest to say that they are ready for whatever reason to come to power after the elections which are scheduled for december what is going to come to power if you want to finish that they could complicate more budget cuts especially in eric inserting education cause students and teachers alike believe that at this point he's already suffering out there and any financial label because it's basically it's going to go down to the dogs what they're saying well but they're not these protests will have any effect on the political future all of the country that of course remains to be see. what
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astonished protests were however by the demonstrations in athens where people riled against the new year across leaders greece clear are seen as a teacher in dominoes that could spell the end of the whole years a sinking stability with the spending cuts resulting sara first reports on the strained austerity could carry hefty price tags. students look to the streets across the ceiling greece they kusa protests ringing loud and clear the casing what they did think is government and the economic situation displacing next week since i'm young that is the problem. with the pre-approval close in age with me and. they feel alone these students have a lot to be unhappy about the dire economic situation he's seen youth unemployment crippling levels in the struggling economy and despite recent political labels in
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greece and italy it's the public and the markets remain unconvinced the bible solution has now been found here is a need to struggling to get a handle on the crisis we come back to school we come here to the university of the carter to speak some of the youngest crisis economic minds in the country find out what they think should be done there is the need of course for reforms. probably it is not enough because they will. respect. fifteen twenty years so there is also the need for. i think increase trade their public expenditure but. they have the market so what did they think the solution is. to drive.
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off water. growth because. in the stagnating economies as people of the major challenges in an a.t.v. you impose the. technocrat government is now firmly in place mary moment here lucas papademos runs a nightly wealth with their experience to face the tough challenges ahead but it's sixty eight and sixty four respectively spring chickens and with an aging clinical class around learn this in seemingly little room for the younger generation to have their say we have to think of the future if one. of the future we have to.
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include young people and major criticism since the beginning of this crisis has been the inability of here is a need is to react quickly to the shifting economic circumstances and to adapt your reasons he could well now rest look a little old grating a new approach so i think. it was a business best now with you. and sons are welcome to the business update by ben number of users russia is now the biggest internet markets in europe but what comes to cashing in as a still wary of the country as r.t. is more in a cost reports. this is russia's most popular website on average people spend here about seven hours and not over fifty million people are now online in
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the country knocking germany from the top spot the thinker may seem impressive but in reality only a third of the country has a regular access to the internet the main problem is infrastructure developments in such a huge country or moscow and st petersburg may be doing just fine people in other regions rely on dial up modems a lot in the treasure of broadband in those areas as many russians are using their cell phones instead this year the number of mobile internet users has grown by nineteen percent this is creating a new billion dollar market that is yet to be tapped by a business where there is little or no competition when it comes to buying goods online russia is a society where cash still dominates in credit card usage as low so even though there is plenty of the man for businesses providing goods and services to consumers there is still a lot of work to be done before we can really take off other than mail dot our you
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and yonder there are not a lot of classic internet businesses here russia's largest search engine raised one point three billion dollars when it listed on the american stock exchange may but the success was short lived with shares slumping below their i.p.o. price soon after investors are interested in the potential of russia especially as internet population is expected to reach eighty million people by the end of twenty fourteen but it's going to take time the sheer size of the country means it is difficult and consumers still need convincing their money won't disappear and that will actually get what they paid for marina costs of our business our city. on the markets. well is extending losses all going to four percent drop on thursday the sentiment was dumped by concerns about the eurozone economy after spanish bond
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yields source to your high also a pull through manufacturing philadelphia grew less than forecast in the vendor as well as in sales cooled. is trading at over ninety eight dollars per barrel while the brunt learned is that one hundred eight dollars per barrel. ten days or shares a lower tracking of losses on wall street and tokyo strong again is way when exporters sony is down more than two percent in hong kong euro exposed companies are losing ground heavyweight h.s.b.c. at least two percent in the red. it is just an hour ahead of the opening bell here in moscow but never mind you that the russian markets closed a negative on thursday as you can see both of my six some p.r.c.'s with down over the whole four percent all in all it's been a bad week though when the saying bonds is still possible on friday. so we have time for knowledge will bring you more marginalizes in less than fifteen minutes and another business update so just stay with us.
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